Friday, January 25, 2008

New Year, New Promise

Looking back over this neglected blog I realize I have already broken a promise that I made when I started this "dialog". I promised to keep it fresh and interesting. I haven't changed a thing since November 19.
Pick an excuse:
too busy, nothing of note to report, lost my internet connection, lost interest, too busy with my other blog.
Any one of the above is viable (except the internet connection one).
This was my first blog and my intention was to use it as a vehicle to keep in touch with my design clients and to possibly open a dialog with potential new clients. I did a bunch of posts all at once, published them, then sent a link to my contacts and sat back and waited for the comments to roll in.
It wasn't until a month or so later that I realized that I had only allowed comments from viewers with google accounts. A few people worked around that and sent me emails complimenting me on my blog and it was good to hear from them.
But I didn't respond- not even by publishing new posts.
I've since figured out a lot about blogs. I don't think they are about perfection. They're much more honest than that.

1 comment:

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