Wednesday, March 26, 2008

birthing a t-shirt

This whole process of designing a t-shirt is a lot more complicated that I thought. I have been living with these designs for some time now and just recently started experimenting with real t-shirt colors and real ink colors. Yesterday I spent the afternoon heat pressing screenprinted transfers of the designs onto sample t-shirts- experimenting with different ink colors on different t-shirts. Some were an instant match to my vision- others a disappointment. But as I said earlier, I am still in the R&D phase. One of the ones that I felt was a success is pictured above. I would take each printed shirt and photograph it outside (luckily the sun was shining for a change). I actually wore this one to aerobics class this morning and got compliments. OK, so I'm thinking I have my first product nailed.
However, I was less than impressed when I incorporated the image into a web page so I pushed the design until it evolved into the top image.
Now I think I have my first product nailed.
On a separate note:
I had a nice surprise yesterday when Paul Zelanski contacted me! He stumbled across my blog by way of the post that mentioned his name and tracked me down. I was shocked, thrilled and honored. We have been trading emails and catching up. The internet surely has changed the world!

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