Friday, March 28, 2008

building a brand one t-shirt at a time

This is the t-shirt design of the day. Part of the design process for me is to put the designs in a post so I can see how they will look online. At the same time I am trying out different marketing vehicles– postcard series to surf shops, a poster series at a trade show. And of course, the actual web pages. (I will post one of those soon). Additionally, the first postcard inspired a tagline, and another inspired the shirt tag. Perhaps the most important part of this exercise though, is to make sure as I am designing the line that my brand stays intact. To make sure that the t-shirts all look like they come from the same family and that the marketing tools support and reinforce that brand. So far so good, with one exception: I need to put some people in those shirts! That will come. We are less than two weeks away from our photoshoot/vacation in Florida.


Bill Evertson said...

You're losing me with this one. I don't see surf and beach here. I'd be more likely to go with the van or peace symbol. Constructive opinion here - no need for the baseball bat again.

Teri Prestash said...

It's the hibiscus- the unofficial/official flower of the surfing culture. Maybe I have simplified it beyond recognition? I really have to start thinking guy shirts though.
What baseball bat?
Thanks for the co.