Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dr. Volcano

Some of the work I do is not what you would consider glamorous. And sometimes I don't charge nearly what it is worth, time and talent considered. And sometimes I should really charge author's alterations, particularly when the author insists on sitting beside me during the 8th and FINAL revisions (before he realizes that the earth has moved once again and the figure must be revised).
But some of the work I do out of love. Love for the client.
The work I do for Jelle de Boer falls into that category.
At Wesleyan University Jelle is :
Professor Emeritus,
Geotectonics, paleomagnetism
in the Appalachians, SE Asia,
and South and Central America.

To me he is Dr. Volcano. And he is, quite simply, a delightful man to work with. He is an expert in his field (I once saw him on The Discovery Channel!) and passionate about his work. It's easy to get caught up in his enthusiasm and forget that these are billable hours.
I take his hand-drawn charts and maps, scan them, then place them in a template layer in Illustrator. The process of redrawing these figures is very relaxing and hardly seems like work at times. (At least not during the first few drafts.) But when we are in the final stretch Dr. V will often sit beside me and make sure I translate his edits correctly. And the best part- he thinks what I do is magic!
Sometimes the best clients are not the ones with the deepest pockets.


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