Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Duke's Closet update

We are in the "R&D" phase of our product line for the Duke's Closet site. And at the same time trying to produce Photoshop pages for the web developer to work from. Not the recommended way of doing things I'm guessing. I think at this point we are holding them up. While I have a good idea on how I want the site pages to look, I am still struggling with actual product design. In the past two weeks I worked with color combinations- ink colors and t-shirt colors. I start on the computer trying to match shirt colors and ink colors as closely as possible. I actually scanned the swatch books for both the t-shirts and ink colors and used the eye dropper tool in Photoshop to pick and build the colors. I ordered a bunch of sample t-shirts and a stack of screenprinted transfers so I can experiment with color combinations. The process is slow, and painful. I am so anxious to get the site up and get on to designing packaging, hang tags, more product...! Should have done some of this groundwork months ago I suppose. I'll be pressing some samples later today and will post the results.

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