Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy mistakes

Justin had to come up with two birthday presents for a joint surprise birthday party for two close friends this Saturday night. He decided (wisely) that it would be cheaper to make presents than give the typical cash gift of $20 each. This is what he came up with (the third was for a friend that just happened to be there when he was pressing these.)
The ideas are based on a shirt he made for himself from a bunch of numbers that I ran on the digital cutter neglecting to mirror them before I cut them. This oversight on my part rendered the cut files useless for my purposes, but Justin used them to make a one of a kind t-shirt for himself. I think he might be onto something here...
A perfect example of what Paul Zelanski (one of my professors at UCONN), would have called a happy mistake.


Bill Evertson said...

Super cool reuse of 'mistakes'. You have a house full of genius; how do you stand it? Best

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