Thursday, March 13, 2008

re-purposed 2

Another re-purposed building from the Village Center. This one was once a bank that now houses an antique shop. In the spirit of my good friend Bill, I think I've got my own series going here. These pieces are not done for clients, just for the enjoyment of doing them and for flexing those art muscles. So I suppose in that light, some client, someday will benefit from these exercises.
I did this awhile ago so I'm not sure I can retrace my steps. I know it includes high contrast and color fills. I also used the watercolor filter and the sky actually combines another image- a tight shot of frosted junipers, and color fill. I know there were more effects used on the juniper before I added that layer behind the building, but at the time I did this, I was going with the flow and didn't stop until I saw what I liked. Maybe next time I won't be so casual so I can actually take something away from the exercise that I will be able to use elsewhere.


Bill Evertson said...

Nice image - wonderful conflation of Pop and photoshop.

Teri Prestash said...

i had to look that word up