Monday, March 10, 2008

show clients what they don't want

While I was working on my recent posts this weekend it occurred to me that at the same time I should be re-vamping my portfolio. I have not abandoned my graphic design business, but it has definitely taken a back seat to the t-shirt business lately. My hope though, is to one day in the not too distant future return to this work. I miss print... ink on paper that is.
I ran across this piece that was done a number of years ago and was pleased to discover that I had saved all of the original design comps that were presented to the client.
Reading from top to bottom, the first two images were alternatives to the one that the client selected for the cover of their product brochure.
When approaching a design assignment I will always respect my client's’ ideas and directions and reflect them in at least one design solution that I present. And, I will always give them something that they didn't think they wanted. In this case what they didn't think they wanted was a cover that did not show any of their product.
But that's the cover they chose.
I was able to convince them that the cover that suggested their product by showing the active sports that made use of their high-end stopwatches and timers just might say more about their product and their company than the product shots themselves.

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