Friday, April 25, 2008

inching forward

I finally sent psd files to my website developer this morning to build new templates for Duke's Closet This has been a long process, and I have been overcomplicating things by jumping between designing web pages, t-shirts, and marketing materials all at the same time. Meanwhile, Imageworks has been standing by patiently while I chase my tail. I have been inspired by the positive comments I have gotten, particularly on the last t-shirt design I posted. This has served to encourage me to make getting the site up my priority. Once it is up and functional, I will be trained in maintenance so I can add product at will. Really, I can't wait to get back to designing t-shirts but what's the point if I don't have a place to sell them...?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

t-shirt assignment of the day

out like a lamb?

I needed a break from designing T-shirts.
Once in awhile I will get so jammed up in a creative effort I need to break away and do something totally different. I have spent the last few days working on a slide presentation for a client. Some pretty technical stuff. Absolutely no room for creative interpretation. Hard to interpret something that you just don't get. The perfect project to want to make me go screaming back to t-shirt design. See how that works?
That slide project is much too dry to post here so I dug into the archives and pulled the first thing I laid my hands on. Kind of. This is an illustration that I did for a 2006 calendar done by Young's Printing. I had March, can you tell? And I'm sitting here in my heavy sweater listening to the wind howl outside and the dog wimper beside me. And it's the first day of April. March is over.
So where is that lamb?
Hmmmmm... change out those animals for some sea creature and this could count for another t-shirt for Duke's...