Friday, May 23, 2008

notebook page

I've visited a lot of blogs lately where people have posted pages from their notebooks, sketchbooks, etc. Interesting idea, a unique peek into someone's head I suppose. It inspired me to share one of my notebook pages. I don't keep a sketch journal per say. My book is more like a dumping ground for my often over-crowded brain. At least it was in this instance.
After a particularly frustrating day at the computer and just a few more things that didn't go my way I brought my newly-acquired cheap acrylics and sketch book to bed and unwound by loading the brush and swirling it around. Very therapeutic. I added the flower from a magazine that was on my nightstand, turned out the light and slept like a baby. This is the first thing I looked at in the morning. It made me smile. It's pretty amateurish- only the second painting I've done since college oh so many years ago. But, it served it's purpose and I've seen worse.


Bill Evertson said...

As always I love the mismatch of nature and verse. On one hand they stand apart, yet in our world they co-exist. Branding and billboards and signs- ugh! But your piece represents the positive and gentile - Thanks

Dick0369 said...
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