Monday, May 12, 2008

mixing it up

I have decided to combine my blog "a different view" with Red Barn buzz. Not sure why I felt a need to keep them separate in the first place. I have a habit of over compartmentalizing (not sure that's a real word??) A place for everything and everything in it's place. Admittedly, this works quite nicely for all the hats, gloves and mittens in the coat closet, but I no longer feel the need to keep my photos and graphic design separate. I've been inspired by some of my favorite blogs- art contemplations and desideratum to name a few, to mix it up.
So I will begin today to move some of my favorite photo posts over here. If you see something familiar, my apologies for being redundant.
I will leave the coat closet be for now.
This is a photograph that I altered in Photoshop...wish I knew how. I just played with it until it looked finished to me. If I had put words to my photo posts like Bill always said I should maybe I would be able to retrace my steps.

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