Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our work for the Peace Corps

We get asked to donate t-shirts to a lot of worthy causes and do what we can for a few local non-profits. When we read that our friends’ daughter, Lilly, and her group of Brownies and Girl Guides were organizing car washes to raise money for t-shirts, we offered to donate them. Lilly is volunteering for the Peace Corps in Anse la Raye. While we usually restrict our charitable donations to local organizations, our hearts went out to Lilly and her gang of girls. Anse la Raye is a very poor fishing village on the island nation of St. Lucia in the eastern Carribbean. The money they didn't have to spend on t-shirts can go towards important programs like HIV and healthy lifestyles training. Keep up the great work Lilly! We’re proud to be a small part of your effort.