Thursday, October 2, 2008

my second most favorite entrepreneur

Over a year ago, a guy I used to work for mailed me some web pages he had printed about this guy Johnny Cupcakes. He knew I was in the t-shirt business and thought I would be interested in Johnny's story. I checked out the site and have been an avid follower of Johnny's antics since.
Here's Johnny's story in a nutshell:
He has an entrepreneurial spirit that dates back to his high school days when he sold whoopie cushions and candy bars out of his locker. He tried college and it wasn't for him. He started his company Johnny Cupcakes as a joke. And now he's a multi millionaire.
Obviously there's a lot left out. You can read the full story here.
WAIT, not yet-hear me out first.
I have days when I want to cash it all in and go work at the local coffee shop. A regular paycheck with a clearly defined job where somebody else worries about the bottom line seems like a dream at times. I've been self-employed for over 17 years and believe me, the novelty of being able to work in my pajamas if I want to wore off long ago. In fact, it disappeared the first time a client was way late in paying me and I was left to sweat it out hoping that the check came in time to pay the mortgage.
But, back to my point: When I have these lapses in agenda I go straight to Johnny Cupcake’s website for inspiration. In my book he’s a genius. He's focused, creative, very respectful of his Mom, never, ever compromises or dilutes his brand, and he seems like the kind of guy you’d want as a neighbor.
His attention to detail is inspirational, his creativity- brilliant. He seems to look at the world with a child-like wonder and see only what is good. Maybe that positive outlook is the secret to his success.
With all the t-shirt websites out there and all the creative t-shirt designs, Johnny’s the guy who has customers camped out overnight to be first to score his new releases. You think it's the T-shirts? Well, sure, they’re nice. But camp out on the sidewalk overnight nice? I don’t think it’s about the shirts. It’s about being part of something that is just so cool it cannot be resisted.
Congrats to you Johnny for being named 2008 Best Young Entrepreneur by Business Week.
You got my vote!
OK NOW- go check out Johnny


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