Sunday, March 1, 2009

Duke's Closet: First Printing

It was a big day in the print shop today.
The t-shirt designs I have been working on for months on end finally went from my computer screen to ink on cotton, so to speak. While years of experience in the graphic design industry have prepared me for what to expect when my designs go from computer to traditional print, I was somewhat apprehensive about what the results in the screenprinting shop would be.
The ink colors, chosen from my trusty PMS swatch book had to be mixed from our screenprinting inks by eye without the advantage of any formulas.
Flip did an awesome job, I compared his Tupperware containers of inks to the swatches and decided we were ready for the next big step- putting them on cotton.

At this point I'm still unsure though as to how these colors will "sit" on the t-shirts. Will they need an underbase of white to show their true colors? I didn't plan for that. We had enough screens to burn already without making extras for a base coat of white for each design.
Time to stop second guessing and ink up!

We started with the Ladies' collection since most were one color. We had a couple of t-shirt color options for each design and tested colors on additional t-shirts just for future referece. Overall, the results were just as I had envisioned them.

Now for the challenge of the mens' collection. Most of these designs are three color, and the images themselves are more "complicated". This is one of three screens for the "Woodies" design.

We ran into a little glitch on this one. While I like the colors, the design. particularly the Woodies in the background became a little difficult to read. This one is going back to the art department for some revisions. This is R&D!