Friday, July 24, 2009

she calls me her personal graphic designer

...and she typically calls be the day before her design project is due. It’s usually a program ad for a production that one of her kids is in. In the beginning she would come over with her pictures in hand, text mapped out on a piece of scrap paper, and a bottle of wine. She would sit beside me while I put my spin on her ideas. There would be some back and forth about type styles and sizes, and on occasion it would take more than one glass of wine before we were both satisfied.

Somewhere along the way she began to trust me to weed through a selection of pictures and a pile of words by myself, without wine. She understands that more than likely the perfect quotes or song snippets that she sought long and hard for would be ignored and replaced by a word or two that marry perfectly with the visual. One look, that’s all it should take to communicate the essence of a message.

Our history together as designer and client is not unlike most of the relationships I have with my design clients. Clients typically start out hovering, convinced that they need to over-provide direction and details. It often takes at least one project before they understand that they need not provide the solutions– that’s my job.