Wednesday, December 2, 2009

wall art

Remember back in the day when we took pictures and had to bring our film to be "processed"? Only to find out a few days later that there were really only a few good pictures in that whole roll of film we shot of the kids.
Yeah, well here they are.
Seriously, I have boxes and albums filled with pictures of life. Kids at all stages, family vacations, holidays, the house, the garden, you name it. Sitting high on the top shelf in my closet, safe and sound, is a life chronicled for future generations to study.
I recently hauled out those boxes with the intent of pulling some pictures out to enlarge, frame, and decorate a suddenly empty wall in my family room (I'd just had a furniture re-arranging "episode"... another story altogether).
Here’s my humble advice if you too, have an archive of family snapshots boxed up in your closet and an empty wall...
First, when sorting through your collection, look for people pictures where the head takes up most of the picture area. If you try to enlarge a tiny head it will get fuzzy, and the drama in these images comes from cropping tight to the subject so the focus is on the expressions rather than the backgrounds.
Second, either scan the images in grayscale (black and white) or convert them to black and white after they are scanned. Most scanning software includes some basic editing tools that include this option. Explore any other options you have within your scanning software, until you are satisfied with the results. I edited these in Photoshop- adusting the brightness and contrast, and sharpness. You can achieve these effects with any basic scanning software.
Third, frame and hang. Matted grames are a must for an artistic look. I used basic black frames bought at Kohl's on sale.


Emma said...

love it!

Moonlight said...

I love black and white photographs! They have this indescribable quality about them...I don't even know what I'm trying to say, but I do know I love black and white photos <3

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