Wednesday, October 20, 2010

catalog pages and cleaning closets

I've finally reached the point where I've put enough distance between myself and this project to look at it objectively- nothing against the project or the client. When a project stretches over many, many months I often can't even appreciate the printed samples when they arrive until I've had a little time away from the project.
It was a major overhaul for this annual product catalog for Goal Sporting Goods. Information tended to pile up on these catalog pages over the years. The message was starting to blur. I liken this overhaul to a closet cleaning. Get rid of the duplicates, pull out the important stuff and put it back in all nice and organized.

I used tinted backgrounds, charts and sidebars to organize important product details and selling points much like I would use shelving and sweater boxes to organize my closet. Organized information with a predictable layout from page to page makes for easy reading.
Now that Goal's customers can easily find dimensions and details for their goals at a glance, I can go do this to my closet so I can find my grey sweater...


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